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Business Advisory

Work in partnership with us and we’ll analyse your management accounts and KPIs to devise new strategies which can help your organisation become more profitable.

Successful SME owners are often far too busy running their business to take a step back and analyse how it could be improved. Enlist our expertise and we can deliver this invaluable insight.

To challenge preconceived ideas about how things are done, BdH works with businesses from all sectors to offer an outsider’s perspective on day-to-day operations.

The numbers

Achieve your personal and business finance with our exclusive 8-step performance improvement plan designed to help SMEs make more profit.


IT & Accounting Software

We have over 15 years of experience advising clients on how they can get the most out of their technology stack to simplify day to day tasks. At BdH our accountancy packages include access to bespoke online accounting software giving you the ability to manage your business's finances from any device, anytime and anywhere.


One Page Business Plan

We help clients develop a one page business plan to help you focus on your key goals and identify the key drivers to improve your bottom line.


Board Meetings

We’ll make sure your board meeting delivers actionable outcomes and results by attending as an adviser, preparing the agenda or acting as the chair.

To grow your business and benefit from predictive insights, email us or call 02392 658 274 today!

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